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Why sell in Japan?

Japan has a recorded population of 126 million in 2019.

There are 119 million internet users (80.9% penetration rate) actively
engaged online.

Japan is the third-largest in the world by nominal GDP and the
fourth-largest global E-Commerce market.

Why sell on Rakuten Ichiba?

Rakuten Ichiba is the largest online shopping platform in Japan.

Rakuten Ichiba’s Strength

  1. Rakuten Ichiba's Market Share Over 26.8% (*Source: Fuji Keizai Co., “Mail order and e-commerce business, now and in 2019.”)
  2. Number of Merchants Over 49,887 Shops
  3. Membership in Japan 111.4 million CONSUMERS(*Japanese Population = 126.7 million)
  4. 2019 Domestic E-commerce GMS 3.9 trillion JPY about 30 Billion USD (1USD = 110 JPY)

Rakuten is the Largest
E-Commerce Marketplace

E-Commerce Marketplace Share in Japan

Rakuten Group Expansion

Rakuten Group, Inc. operates the largest E-Commerce
marketplace called “Rakuten Ichiba” in Japan.

*FX conversion rate 100 JPY = 0.92 USD (as of 10/14/2019)
*Source: Rakuten Group, Inc. “IR Release for Q4 of FY2018
Financial Results and Consolidated Financial Results in
2018” and “IR Release for 2Q of FY2019 Financial Results”
*Average Daily GMS is determined by “2018 Domestic E-Commerce GMS” divided by days

What differentiates Rakuten's platform?

  1. Market Share

    Rakuten dominates the online market in Japan. It has over 25% of online B2C market and 30% + in categories such as apparel, food, and household accessories.

  2. ECC

    A dedicated E-Commerce Consultant (ECC) will be assigned to your shop to maximize your potential on Rakuten. ECC will provide the latest market trends and tailor sales strategy for you.

  3. Branding

    Rakuten is a shop centric marketplace in which merchants can control their own storefront, product pages, and customer experiences. Merchants are able to conduct CRM activities to first time purchasers and nurture them into repeaters.

How to open a shop on Rakuten Ichiba?

  1. Onboarding Schedule
  2. Requirements
  3. Cost and Fees
  4. Entities from
    Other Countries

Rakuten Ichiba currently provides a Direct Shop Plan for the countries and regions listed below:

For prospective companies applying from other countries,
please view the “Entities from Other Countries” section for more details.

Onboarding Schedule

  1. Step 1 RegistrationOur team of Onboarding Consultant specialize in overseas business, and will guide you in preparing materials to submit for your company’s screening. Once you pass all stages of screening, you can begin to create your store on Rakuten’s marketplace.
  2. Step 2 Store SetupAfter you gain access to RMS (Rakuten Merchant Server), the next step will be to register your items, upload your company’s information, set your return and shipping policy, and create your storefront. A Shop Open Adviser will be standing by to support you with set up.
  3. Step 3 Shop OpeningOnce your store is live, a dedicated E-Commerce Consultant (ECC) will be assigned to further drive sales and maximize your store’s performance to ensure success on Rakuten’s marketplace.


1. Japanese Capabilities

-Highly proficient Japanese capabilities are required for the following:

  • ・Store Setup
  • ・Customer Support
  • ・Page Maintenance
  • ・Order and Return Management
  • ・Marketing Campaigns

*Our Shop Interface, RMS (Rakuten Merchant Server) is only provided in Japanese.

2. Establishing Logistics

-Establishing reliable logistics in order to ship products directly from the merchants to end users in Japan.

3. Foreign Exchange Risk

-Assume foreign exchange risk, as products are sold in Japanese Yen.

4. Dun & Bradstreet (D&B), D-U-N-S Number

-Must be incorporated and be able to provide your unique nine-digit identifier for your business.

5. What can you sell in Japan?

-All items must comply with applicable Japanese laws. For further details please speak with your Onboarding Consultant.

Cost and Fees


Registration Fee 60,000 JPY (APX: 552 USD)
Monthly Fixed Fee
(consultation fee included)
50,000 JPY (APX: 460 USD)
Listing Capacity 20,000 *it can be increased upon request
System Commission 2.0%-4.0%, +0.5% via mobile
System Enhancement Fee 0.1%
Payment Processing Fee 2.5%-3.5%
Affiliate Fee 2.6%-10.4% (sales via affiliate)

*FX conversion rate 100 JPY = 0.92 USD (as of 10/14/2019)

Cost Simulations

Monthly Sales : 1,000,000 JPY
Average Purchase Price : 5,000 JPY

All commission pricing listed below is in Japanese Yen (JPY).

Total (tax not included) ¥92,400 ¥104,100 ¥98,250 ¥94,350 ¥104,100
System Fee (PC) 16,000 16,000 16,000 16,000 16,000
System Fee (Mobile) 27,000 27,000 27,000 27,000 27,000
Rakuten Super Points Fee 9,500 9,500 9,500 9,500 9,500
System Enhancement Fee
(System Usage Fee for improving safety and usability)
1,000 1,000 1,000 1,000 1,000
Affiliate Fees
(Affiliate Incentive Fee + Rakuten Super Affiliate System Commission)
3,900 15,600 9,750 5,850 15,600
R-Pay (Payment Processing Fee) 35,000 35,000 35,000 35,000 35,000

*The above calculation results are all tax-excluded.
*The initial registration fee and monthly fixed fees are paid in advance and are not included in the above calculation.

Cost Simulation Assumptions
Fee Category Fee Summary
(tax not included)
System Fee: PC (tax not included) 3.5%-5.0% Sales Ratio from PC : 40%
System Fee: Mobile (tax not included) 4.0%-5.5% Sales Ratio from Mobile : 60%
Rakuten Super Points Fee 1% of Sales via Rakuten Members Purchase from Rakuten
Members : 95%
System Enhancement Fee for Improving
Safety and Usability (tax not included)
0.1% of Total Monthly Sales -
Affiliate Fee
(tax not included)
Affiliate Incentive Fee Sales via Rakuten Super Affiliate x Affiliate Rate(2.0%-8.0% depending on the genre of the item purchased) Sales Via Affiliate: 15%
  Rakuten Super Affiliate
System Commission
15%-30% of Affiliate Incentive Fee -
R-Pay (Payment Processing Fee) 2.5%-3.5% -

Entities from Other Countries

International sellers without an entity from countries listed for Direct Shop Plan are required to sign a contract
with service partners approved by Rakuten.
These third-party partners will act as your local team to help you set up your store
on Rakuten and provide operational support.

Please contact us for more details.

Shop Open Scheme
Seller of Record | Merchant of Record | Marketplace

Japanese Entity

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